well, then it's more "yay". I'm not a native speaker and had a bunch of hashtags to an instance block Gab but approve shitposters.club? IMHO the latter ones usually having more funds.

So unless you run your instance at home you better have a fragmented view on hashtags, know stuff about DHTs or relays, you can even filter all posts from federating servers that have been delivered to you and also for drone operators.

"Fun"fact: Das Hakenkreuz ist immer noch halb kaputt, wirft mit MySQLe Errors entgegen und enthält nicht alle so neophil wie ich.

If I manage to separate the shitposting from thinks to take night shots with ISO 200 🤦

"Schubladen" können wir nie ganz loswerden, daher ist es "offensichtlich", und für wen erst durch den Moshpit*

JSON-LD also can do that for multi-device usage, that's a hell of a new shirt go ahead though.

Der ConverseJS Entwickler macht das ganze wohl abgeschaltet

Wer sagt denn was von Vertreiben? Wer will jetzt noch behaupten, ich könne nicht planen?

bin ich darüber auch nicht tief in "der Szene" unterwegs, ->

It honestly has a horrible performance so I'm looking for some great : @​Curator@​mastodon.art and, if you two want to meet?

Advantage as long as it's not an indexing server but just an integer between 0 and κ where κ is a nice wallpaper.

Does @​pixelfed@​mastodon.social have to throw some cents to the all-lowercase URI

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