Is some running Android with microg? How is the compatibilty these days? Any big pain points?

Casual German mumble meetup at 19:00 CEST, join with $ nix-shell -p mumble --run "mumble mumble://$"

I slightly improved a Nix joke, but it's still compiling.

@vidister Shall I bring food and new sources from time to time?

After almost two years in the RFC steering committee: My first RFC for NixOS:

poor man's backtrace in c 

r(depth) __builtin_return_address(depth)
int printf(const char* f,...); printf("%s() at %s:%d\n %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p %p\n", __func__, __FILE__, __LINE__, r(0), r(1), r(2), r(3), r(4), r(5), r(6), r(7), r(8), r(9), r(10), r(11), r(12), r(13), r(14), r(15), r(16));

9 von 10 Hackern finden Mobbing ganz toll. Dem 10. ist eine Flasche umgekippt. #36c3

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