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I'm so excited to present my work on -wide hashtag federation, search, and subscription at .

The recording will be available later, but if you're interested in enabling a global consistent view on hashtags, know stuff about DHTs or relays, you can have a look at the paper:

Please contact me about any questions, remarks or other feedback!

So here's a TL;DR:

Wer im Zug nur Open Source Code liest, braucht keinen Bildschirmsichtschutz.

DID YOU KNOW? Under the hood your browser refers to itself as a “user agent,” because it is a remnant from a time when we believed the point of software was to make our lives easier, rather than to trick us into buying things we don’t need and infect us with the rage virus

Twitter zahlt wegen Verstoß gegen #Datenschutz 150 Millionen Dollar Geldstrafe

Für Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung #2FA hinterlegte Handynummern u E-Mail-Adressen wurden für personalisierte #Werbung verwendet

Das ist wirklich bitter: Wer persönliche Sicherheits-Daten zweckentfremdet untergräbt die #Sicherheit im Netz - u verliert das #Vertrauen seiner Kunden

Next time most #NixOS installations are updated (if using unstable — will also be in 22.05 when released), they will see a 500MB+ reduction in system closure size!

This comes from compressing the firmware files, which I implemented here:

At the NixOS meetup:

Who previously used ArchLinux and at some point changed to NixOS?

almost all hands raised

Heute grosses Treffen der Maskenträger in der S29, wir sind jetzt schon zu zweit und stellen damit die zweitgrösste Teilgruppe mit ca. 1% der Fahrgäste.

computer / systems rambling 

or how there're no good accessible chat systems because the people who would write one are either using their work's slack or still (like me) lurking in the depths of irc.

examples multiply. the thing i thought about today was: not using a giant cloud provider sucks now in comparison to racking your own hardware and having your own cloud-like substrate because the people who would make that not suck are either using AWS or working for AWS / some other megacorp.

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computer / systems rambling 

something i think i've learned over the last 20 years:

competence in infrastructure has a centralizing tendency, and that tendency has a way of sapping or destroying _distributed_ competence.

as a concrete example, i've rambled before about how how there are no good normal-person mail clients left because all of the people who would write them are just using gmail (or satisfied with mutt / emacs / whatever).

image description 

CORRECT: A "New Folder" dialog with "foo/bar/baz/quux" entered into the field. A helpful message appears below the text field, stating "Using slashes in folder names will create sub-folders". This is captioned "KDE Dolphin".

WRONG: An error dialog saying "The folder could not be created" "Error creating directory /home/una/foo/bar/baz/quux: No such file or directory". This is captioned "GTK+2 File Dialog".

WRONGEST: A "New Folder" dialog with "foo/bar/baz/quux" entered into the field. A message appears below the text field, saying "Folder names cannot contain /.". The "Create" button is grayed out. This is captioned "GNOME Files".

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wow die Dresdner Kreuzkirche stellt Räumlichkeiten in bester Lage für Faschos zur Verfügung


Ich suche eine Stelle als Linux-Administration / DevOps für max. 30 Wochenstunden und weitestgehend Remote.

Kennt da wer wen, der sucht oder kann was empfehlen?
Gern RT.

If all went well we now have Crashreports enabled in #Firefox, Firefox ESR and #Thunderbird on #NixOS.

These packages use the `buildMozillaMach` function, that now exposes a `symbols` output. This output contains a zip file that we automatically upload to #Mozilla, so that they can match our binaries to our debug symbols to generate useful stack traces.

Verbrechen der Nationalsozialisten 

Die Pinkwashing-Saison steht vor der Tür. Mit dabei: Die I.G. Regenbogenfarben (BASF), deren Engagement für die queere Community zwischen 1939–1945 grob in drei Kategorien unterteilt werden kann: 
1. Zwangsarbeit (u.a. Buna-Werke Auschwitz-Monowitz)
2. Todesmärsche zur Materialerprobung (Sachsenhausen) und 
3. 42,5%ige Beteiligung an der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung, der Inhaberin des Zyklon-B-Patents.

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