This analysis of vocal ranges of male leads in pop songs is everything:

"Do you have a moment?" the empath said.
"Of course, dear," said the telepath.
"You know I can't help reading feelings?"
"Please read my mind."
"If you... Oh. I don't love you any more?"
"I thought you ought to know."
"Thank you. I still like you?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

If you ask me what makes a neo-Nazi, I will tell you that they're just ordinary people. They live in fear of not having meaning, not having a culture to be proud of, not being important in a world that seems to pass them by.

When Hannah Arendt coined the term "the banality of evil", she meant that evil is not an aberrant thing but the result of average people inspired by unexceptional motivations, such as professional advancement.

There's no psychiatric condition to explain white supremacy. There's no inherent essence to a neo-Nazi. These are just people in your office, your dorm hall, your neighborhood.

White supremacists, Nazism, alt-right, banality of evil 

The DIY Jewelryhacker's are going to camp. We'll have a dome with some tables where you can dump some e-waste (disk, drives, etc tend to be nice and quite welcome) and make jewellery from it.

For more info:

As it looks we don't have much e-waste yet, so feel free to bring some, but check for what not to bring.

#jewelryhacker #jewelry #cccamp2019

Das Chaosradio meldet sich zurück!

Wir senden am 24.08. um 18:30 Uhr live von der THM-Stage auf dem Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

In #CR254 heißt @monoxyd interessante Gäste willkommen, die ihre Projekte präsentieren. #CCCamp2019

hey all, there's a rash of http2 vulnerabilities going around c/o Netflix today.

the default mastodon nginx config has http2 enabled, and nginx is affected (in one form or another) by three of these attacks, so you should upgrade nginx as soon as possible:

🇬🇧 : The next #XMPP #meetup #Dresden will take place on the 15th August in the Headquarter of the c3d2 [1].

This time we want to talk about how XMPP Bots made and we also want to do a little workshop where you could experiment.

🇩🇪 : Das nächste #XMPP #Meetup in #Dresden findet am 15. August in den Räumen des c3d2 statt [1].

Diese mal wird es um das erstellen von XMPP Bots gehen und anschließend wird ein kleiner Workshop stattfinden wo jeder mal probieren kann.


Sachsen, Politik 

Alle roten Flecken sind #FrOSCon Vorträge, die noch nicht mit Videoengeln besetzt sind. Bist du auf der Froscon? Wolltest du schon immer mal hinter der Kamera stehen oder an einem der vielen Knöpfe eines Audiopults rumdrehen? Dann schau doch beim @c3voc vorbei. Wir sind froh über deine Hilfe.

Norddeutscher (kommt mit dem Rad beim Laden an, sieht dass die Tür offen steht): Mooooooooooo
(stellt sein Rad ab)
(tritt Schuhe ab)
(geht rein)

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