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Haha, holy shit, this is one hell of a meltdown:

The summary: it's an academic conference. They invited Steve Bannon to speak. The vast majority of their contributors said "wait, if he's going to be there I don't want anything to do with it" and withdrew. The organizers FREAKED THE FUCK OUT and decided that there was some organized movement dedicated to shutting them down.

Oh btw Dino XMPP client now has support for OMEMO in MUCs.

No more reasons to use Gajim. 🎉


We're looking for 25 minute talks and leaders for 80 minute discussions on any topic related to use, adoption or compliance with Copyleft Licenses. … Feb. 4th in Brussels, #CopyleftConf

Wer hat uns verraten? Endliche Automaten!

Master-Thread zu Hilfsmitteln, Tipps und Tricks zu Rheuma (insbesondere Hände)

OH: „Blockchain is even less efficient than mainframes, maybe that's why it looks appealing to them.“

DK76: KeePassXC

Wir haben einen der Entwickler von KeePassXC zu Gast und unterhalten uns über Passwort-Manager. Dies sind Programme, die verschiedene Passwörter verwalten und auch neue erzeugen können.

Mein billiger Außentemperatursensor ist kaputtgegangen.
Was will ich mir denn als Wetterstation zulegen? Nerdkompatibel, aber nicht zu viel Bastelaufwand (weil keine Zeit).

Coole Sache, Windows unterstützt mittlerweile MKV, WebM, VP9, Vorbis, Opus & FLAC nativ, dazu gesellt sich jetzt noch AV1. Kann man wirklich nicht meckern!
Derweil Apple: "Opus – meinetwegen, aber nur im MOV-Container! VP9 hätteste gern, lol! Statt FLAC nimmste jetzt bitte mal ALAC. MKV? Sei nicht albern!"

The only potential good thing about all the "Cyber" bullshit wording is that "Cyber" now often substitutes "Hacker".
This could take away the bad criminal connotation off the phrase. Or it is already primed too deeply.
And "cyber" still hurts /0\

Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

It's really weird how toys weren't really gendered until the late 70s when they really got strict about marketing categories, and how computers and video games ended up in the boys' section of games stores because well, they HAD to pick one. This is also when pink = girl / blue = boy got codified.

Remember while gender is cultural and therefore not always optional, that doesn't mean it's unchanging. A lot of this shit is RECENT.

@kaniini Ohai, is it possible to maually pull in Pleroma posts to Mastodon` Just pasting the post URL into the search bar doesn't do the trick.

@natanji Liest du eigentlich immer noch "Sandra & Woo"? Ich überlegte gerade, den Sammelband zu bestellen, bin dann aber wieder auf dieStrohmann-Feminismus gender mainstreaming story arc gestoßen :\

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