@ everyone running 5.1 and a device mapper filesystem (dm-crypt/LUKS, LVM) on a SSD: There's a data loss bug!
Just did an emergency downgrade after hearing about it in .
Luckily `btrfs scrub` doesn't report any errors, so hopefully no data loss for me.

@schmittlauch Woah. I know it's bad to say this, but good thing I didn't do full disk encryption with this Arch install.

Does this apply to external devices as well?

@masterofthetiger Yes, everything using device mapper and using the SSD trim command (so no spinning disks).
But the fixed kernel 5.1.5 should already be available in Archlinux

@schmittlauch Oh whew. I was starting to worry. I use encrypted external hard drives and flash drives all the time. I see that I already have 5.1.7 installed.

As far as you know, what issues could this have caused?

@schmittlauch I am on #Debian Buster and far away from this kernel version.

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