Oh no, I suddenly have so many non-German speaking followees, thanks to

The majority of posts and boosts here used to be in German. So what shall I do?

Problem about that: Mastodon Web/ MastoFE doesn't support multiple accounts.

Yes, I could use Firefox Containers, but…

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@schmittlauch my solution to that is to simply have accounts on multiple instances
@schmittlauch dunno if this works for you.. but i mix it..

if its for everybody ill post in englisch.. if its ""only"" for german ppl ill post in german
@rick @schmittlauch imagine if frontends supported choosing post language at posting time so that frontends could use that for filtering
@rick @schmittlauch it's like, the infrastructure for that is right there, all it takes is making it customizable instead of mastodon just taking a wild machine learning guess every time it sees a post
@rick @schmittlauch not sure but there definitely was language guessing in mastodon at some point

@314 @rick AFAIK that is just applied to the instance and federated timeline, not your home timeline

@314 @schmittlauch well if its optional i'm in. some posts from other languages could still be interesting to see ^^
@rick @schmittlauch yeah, i too think filtering part should be optional but i think language choosing shouldn't

i think it would be possible right now in current post format to make multilingual posts

@schmittlauch There's an option in Mastodon to filter by language, so I guess people who do not understand German will skip those messages.

@how AFAIK this option is only applied to the local and federated timeline but not too your subscriptions

@schmittlauch Esperanto of course (mostly kidding but only mostly)

@schmittlauch international reach is a good problem to have, I guess...

@schmittlauch Write the first half of every sentence in English, und die zweite hälfte auf deutsch.

@schmittlauch this is a problem we really need a better solution for, there are a lot of people I am following now that post in multiple languages. We really need some settings *per user* for filtering posts.

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