Additionally, has a FediverseTeam taking care of packagin several :fediverse: software for Debian systems

@schmittlauch does that mean we're going to have lots of instances running "stable" five year old software versions?

@zalandocalrissian @schmittlauch It's also very likely that those are good candidates to offer through the service in the long run. We are aware that these things are something that needs more regular updates than others for compatibility issues.

@schmittlauch do we really need more places outside of mailing lists for debian maintainers' hot takes ;)

@schmittlauch this is tremendously amazing news! Thanks for sharing. However, I looked there the PeerTube instance does not open registration.

@ademalsasa @schmittlauch We are still getting things setup and configured. Once the services are announced, we will open registration through Salsa. Keep an eye on the mailing lists (and here) for the announcement

@schmittlauch Do they have an official Debian account yet?

@schmittlauch Would had been nice to ask us and let us announce it ourself when we think we're ready for that publicity. So far we are still in setting up and testing stage and not yet open for adding people. :) But we are just excited about it as you seem to be. <3
@schmittlauch Yep as @rhonda says, still work in progress, but yeah it's definitely exciting 🎉🎉 🎉

@filipesaraiva @kde I already found a solution, you can always rely on Debian testing to be a bit behind 🙃

@schmittlauch I really wish we could have this in #nixos

But using these new amazing services is still not possible. This would have been a nieche where nixos could shine: Easily deployable fediverse services that even could depend on another, managed via #nixops or #krops ... *dreams*

But no, it is not even possible to deploy sourcehut yet. 😭

@musicmatze @schmittlauch There are already PRs for Sourcehut and Mastodon. It just lacks the people willing to put in the work and review the code.

Personally I think these modules don't belong into main Nixpkgs tree, but into separate repositories. Currently it's hard to integrate these repos, but eventually the #flake standard will make that much easier.

@erictapen yes, I agree. Would be nice to have something like the nixos-mailserver project, where one could just pull in a nixos-fediverse and then enable every service they want.

@schmittlauch just saw it while clicking on the links. Might be interesting, running a debian container on my fedora cluster is easy, and having proper dependencies and package is good 😎.
Have to recheck s3 integration in pixelfed though, apparently there are still issues at some point... This prevents clustering, meaning no HA... meaning sadness.

@schmittlauch Interesting choice, going for Pleroma instead of Mastodon as their go-to microblog

@schmittlauch My immediate thought: Debconf on PeerTube when

The immediate answer: NOW… has 107 videos already!

@rhonda I know it's early days, and I respect that, but it is awesome to see the stuff you have already achieved!
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