Fuck it, why should I design my protocol for maximal efficiency when it's the current web-hipster trend to replace all internet protocols with a huge pile of HTTP, JSON and JavaScript?!

@hecate No, not yet. I'm not sure whether I'll do it before the end of my university project, as currently the code is interwoven with my research notes under my real name and I'm too lazy too unbundle it right now.
Once it's done it will of course be poured into an open repo, I promise.

@schmittlauch 💜 don't hesitate if you need some help :)

@hecate If you know a convenient way of re-writing git author history I might be willing to split up the repo right away.
The last time I tried such a thing, it was rather tedious.


git filter-branch --env-filter ' WRONG_EMAIL="WRONG@EMAIL" NEW_NAME="NEWNAME" NEW_EMAIL="NEWEMAIL" if [ "$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL" = "$WRONG_EMAIL" ] then export GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="$NEW_NAME" export GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL="$NEW_EMAIL" fi if [ "$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL" = "$WRONG_EMAIL" ] then export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="$NEW_NAME" export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="$NEW_EMAIL" fi ' --tag-name-filter cat -- --branches --tags

@schmittlauch @hecate
I'd like to try to implement hash2pub support in my server (#pubgate), should I wait until your university project is done, or it could be possible to collaborate on this before it ?

@odesa You better wait until my university project is done, I haven't even started with the ActivityPub specific bits yet and will probably only implement very basic demo AP representations during the project.
Together with @lain and we figured out though that can expose the existing relay API for a start to provide basic backwards-compatible service. So lloking into that is already a good start.

@schmittlauch @lain @hecate
I was considering to dive into DHT myself, and try to play with it with hashtag issue)

@odesa I am using a slightly modified version of EpiChord, but implementing it myself. As I am still constantly changing the used data types and wire format, it doesn't make sense to try to implement something compatible in parallel yet.
I might release the WIP sources soon, but the corresponding documentation will only come out later.

For a start you can have a look at my paper [1] or the talk I've given [2] as most ideas are still valid.

@mic92 It's a UDP-based protocol for queries, maintenance and information exchange among DHT nodes.
I'm roling with ASN.1 and UDP. The post above was just out of frustration that after restructuring some parts some messages contain duplicate information. But I decided not to care (at least right now) because of the mentioned reason ^^

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