Dear video viewers, in case you haven't known yet:
You can easily leave comments below videos using your main :mastodon: / :pleroma: /$APServer account. Video URIs are just post IDs you can put into the client's search bar, retrieve and comment on.


In case you get a 403 Error when trying to fetch a video, please contact your instance admin and ask them to clear the cache of the apconf account like this:

Unfortunately, some unforeseen issues might have been triggered by the initial video publication.

@ashfurrow would it be possible to do this cache purge, if verified? I can't tell if I can't load the post because of Tusky or indeed this cache failure mode.

Sorry to ask.


@eest9 @schmittlauch @leah @rixx

There are so many awesome talks, see

Account.find_remote('apconf', '').statuses.where(visibility: :direct).each { |s| }

@eest9 @schmittlauch @leah Which video is giving you problems? I just posted test comments on one of them and it worked just fine.

@rixx @eest9 @schmittlauch and I don't see how the command should fix that. What was the initial problem at all? Did someone renamed an existing account or....?

@leah The initial problem was that the videos were at first published unlisted and then put to public. The same workaround worked by several other instances as you can see by the comments in the two threads. @rixx @schmittlauch

@leah @rixx @eest9 Has this progressed and been resolved?
Example video is

Background: When uploaded initially, the videos were posted with a DM-like visibility but without anyone on your instance being allowed to see them. For whatever reason, this Publish activity was still sent to all follower instances like
Mastodon now has this visible-to-noone property cached and does not support mutable updates.

@leah @rixx @eest9
The command above is supposed to delete all direct-visible posts so they can be re-fetched with their public visibility they have right now.

@schmittlauch @rixx @eest9 may I ask why every instance admin should now update their database instead of reuploading the stuff with the right permissions on your side? Sounds like the much easier way to me.

@leah @rixx @eest9 That has been considered, but unfortunately the links had been already spread outside the Fediverse e.g. at Hacker News and stuff.
It's a complicated decision to make, the organisers (which I am not part of) decided to leave things as they are and providing an additional forum as backup.

I guess nobody expects all instance admins to jump and do that just by themselves. We can just ask our own admins for this favor, acknowledging the extra amount of work this causes and

@leah @rixx @eest9 The most simple way is to just ban and unban the user, that'd take ~ 1 minute of work.

(Claiming that downstream instance admins shouldn't have to handle this is still a valid opinion of course)

@schmittlauch @rixx @eest9 I've just done that. Please note that this means that the account has now lost all 9 followers from this instance. They have to refollow the account now.

@leah @rixx @eest9 @schmittlauch

basically it is a bug in peertube, however, conf starts NOW

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line

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