blocking recommendation: is a instance run by a German conspiracy activist and Covid denier.

@PeerTube_Isolation @isolategab

Und ich hab mir schon Gedanken gemacht, ob Peertube so schlecht ist dass Nazis es nicht benutzen wollen 😅

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follow-up: has heavy ties to KenFM and publishes similar, maybe even clearer conspiracy bullshit like on "Bill Gates total population control".

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Especially the large conspiracy channels fleeing from YT already direct their target audience to their site, so blocking them doesn't affect their core audience.

But -ing prevents their content to spread to other instances and prevents your users from interacting with it.
That's the least we can do.

What concerns me a bit is that for global search, Peertube users are sent to Sepia Search which doesn't consider their instance's block lists.

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Aaargh, it's super easy to find conspiracy peertube instances just by searching for "Bill Gates" /0\

next one: mirrors large amount of German CoVid19 denier videos (Querdenken)

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