@lain @lain @lanodan Btw, is reply relaying/distribution to followers known to be broken between Masto and Pleroma, or why am I not seeing replies under @lain's posts from my instance?

@schmittlauch @lain Isn't Friendica basically the only one that fixed reply distribution/relaying (by using the cc field to all participants)?

AFAIK Mastodon only fetches the replies on discovering a new post, which Pleroma also does.
And otherwise well, olde federation thing that the reply needs to be pushed or discovered.

And should be noted that Mastodon timelines filters out replies from non-followings.

@lanodan I thought that Masto does indeed distribute replies to own posts to all followers. But maybe I'm confusing different implementations.
In Masto <-> Masto federation I do receive replies to posts of accounts I follow, but where they do not follow me. @lain

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