Compact layout not supported, but still works for me in 89. Hoping it stays that way.


@inhji If you haven' used compact mode before, it's hidden by default in 89+.
You can get the option back via about:config and setting to true

So #Firefox's Compact mode on a laptop doesn't seem to do anything.

On a #laptop… no #CompactMode.

Have a good think about that, #Mozilla.


@dsfgs For me there is a considerable difference. On a laptop. Sure you're not holding it wrong?

We toggled the about:config setting mentioned above. Nothing.

Also tried resetting Ff.

Very poor, but the worst part is WorkOffline has completely disappeared from the 'More >' section of the Hamburber menu.

Glad that Ff is not our default browser anymore.

@dsfgs The about:config option does not enable compact mode yet, it only makes it selectable in the "Customize Toolbar" settings. These are – at least for me – hidden behind the ">>" symbol in the main toolbar. On that customisation page, you can select the compact density.

These settings being rather hidden might explain why most people used to not know about that mode's existence.

@dsfgs The "Customize Toolabr" page can also be found in the aforementioned "More >" section of the hamburger menu.

That is some obnoxious hiding.

Will look into this.

The fact that 'Offline Mode' is missing though, that's the real concern for us moving forward. On #batteryLife and other things. Especially if forks lose it too.

Typical #Mozilla myopia.

(Maybe Mozilla should change its name to #Myopia, but alas it would be an offense to people with short vision)

The #tabs change in #Firefox though clumsily wide, especially on a #laptop can be mitigated with this fancy footwork, for now at least.

We think #CompactMode ought be the default – not deprecated.

It's all a bit of a #redHerring, though.

We examined whether #WorkOffline mode is added to about:config — it hasn't. Thus it seems #Mozilla have completely decimated the #OfflineMode asfaras we can see.

'Work Offline' mode saves #batteryDrain, and limits #surveillance


@dsfgs I have to admit I never used that mode because it'd be rather unpractical to me.

But it's still there: Press "Alt" to show the main menu bar, then "File -> Work Offline"


We went on another expedition 20 minutes ago and saw it, in the hidden menu, we were going to write about this success and you've saved us the time.

It is a relief that we don't need to lobby.

We actually think #TorBrowser should have a small icon that flicks when a page does a fetch.

You'd left-click to trigger #WorkOffline.

For those playing along at home, hit Alt+F and K to trigger #OfflineMode in your #Firefox derivatative browser.


@dsfgs @schmittlauch ALT+F K is one of my favourite key chords in Firefox :-) Too bad that it's much more complicated in Thunderbird: ALT+F L W.

Otherwise: `sudo ifconfig $INTERFACE down`. I've configured sudo such that I don't need to enter the password for "down", but for "up". Kind of self-conditioning to work offline more often ...

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