Anyone used any of the decentralized live streaming services, like D.Tube? Any opinions on any of them? Furthermore, are there any major centralized live streaming services besides YouTube and twitch?

@daremo Can someone explain what is decentralized about D.Tube? I checked it out and it's just a website that additionally sells some coin.

@Gargron @daremo It uses IPFS somehow, but also cryptocurrency and blockchain stuff – which on its own is a huge "No, get the hell out of there" from me.
I didn't really dig into their architecture, but apparently at least their web app is a central access point. While there might be other clients available, at least for the web app their excuse of not being able to moderate content is invalid.
Combined with the popularity of the platform among nazis and conspiracy nuts, this indicates ->

@Gargron @daremo the dtube operators are either conspiracy nazis as well or at least libertarian freeze🍑 folks. At least for me, both properties would rather drive me away from such a partly-centralised service.

@schmittlauch @daremo I wanted to see if they at least load content from IPFS somehow or use a central gateway indistinguishable from a normal website. But I'm struggling to find a single video on there that doesn't just embed from YouTube.


@Gargron @daremo Even if they do, AFAIK they cannot do that in a browser so far, requiring their own server as a proxy at least.

The problem about reading crypto bro project's specs is that they're full of their own brainworm-buzz-word terminology.

@schmittlauch @Gargron @daremo I was very early on steemit and saw the evolvement in the beginning. My guess: They're getting so much money from the generated content that they've gotten blind for anything.

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