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Gerade erfahren, die @gema_news schickt Mails an Künstler*innen, sie sollen doch #Artikel13 zustimmen, weil "alle" falsch informiert seien und sie der "Stimmungsmache" als #Uploadfilter entgegentreten sollen.

Ah ja, klar!

@Senficon @sixtus

#RadioLockdown is a threat for user freedom on smartphones, routers and many more devices. But by Monday, you can give your feedback to the #EUCommission.

It's important to show that we care about freedom! Participating is not hard, all info here:

Shall I write my study paper in British or US English? 🤔

Ich erhielt gerade ne Fake Mail von ner nicht vorhandenen Adresse meiner Domain in welcher Stand ich wurde beim Pornos gucken gefilmt. Die Trojaner werden immer besser. Mittlerweile bringen die sogar ne Webcam mit, wenn die Geräte keine Cam verbaut haben.

Dedicated to the lady who is allowing me to put Peppermint Linux on her Lenovo IdeaPad.

Hm, Erlang/ Elixir could also be a possibility (to please the Pleroma gods).
But I appreciate that Haskell and I share an important characteristic: Both of us are lazy by default.

/cc @astro

it's called musique concre-... let's just put some Maroon 5

The #Pantheon desktop environment (from @elementary OS) has been added to #NixOS (on master).
It can be enabled with `services.xserver.desktopManager.pantheon.enable`.

Its 2019 and Fortnite is the most popular #XMPP client around. I’m not even joking. Take that #Matrix.

I really like this digital services obituary site by IndieWeb: "Site deaths are when sites go offline, taking content and permalinks with them, and breaking the web accordingly. Site deaths are one of the big reasons why you should own your own identity and content on the web"

Earlier @breakthesystem posted a link to a beautiful, 9000 pixel wide composite photo of the moon. ( )

With the image taking 290MB most of the download links are dead, but the torrent is alive and well!

Grab a copy, keep it seeded 🌔 :blobheart:

💾 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:j6ixrzpitvpmkx5tgroy6utcpqr5hhhj&dn=updated%20mosaic.png&xl=304863698&fc=1

I wonder whether I should do my next ActivityPub project in or in .
Would need to learn both languages more or less from scratch. Requirements are e.g. performant async network I/O.

@ben even weirder, the /reason/ the current industry standard way to find out if someone is a human or a machine is to see if they know what a stop sign is

is in fact that self-driving cars exist

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