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Liebe Fahrradindustrie, wenn ich nach dem Bruch einer einzelnen Schraube an der Sattelstütze eine komplett neue Stütze brauche, sollten wir noch mal über reden!

As #Easter is coming up, a reminder that rabbits are very complex animals with more needs than most realise.

They live 10 or more years, aren't usually big on being cuddled, cost as much as a dog, and need a lot of time, space to run around, and attention. They should allay be kept in pairs at least.

A whopping *75%* of rabbits in the UK are neglected. Please, if thinking of getting a bunny, know what you're getting into or stick with chocolate

do the world a favor and get your friends back on xmpp

Wonach suchen Zombies im Lokschuppen? 🤔



Autofahrer: "Der Weg da ist rot gepflastert, alle Radfahrer dürfen nur da fahren!"

Auch Autofahrer:

Should I? 🤔
For my next workplace desk and make a base for it that says: "For software project estimation use only"

Mer project (an open source mobile OS) merging with Sailfish OS (Jolla's mobile Linux OS).

Mer which is based on QML and HTML5, enabled Jolla to develop their SailfishOS, now a premium alternative for Google's Android.

Sailfish also holds an Android compatibility layer if user needs to run some Android apps.

Mer is also a fork of MeeGo that aimed to provide a free alternative to Maemo for Nokia devices.

#Jolla #Mer #Maemo #MeeGo #Linuxmobile #Sailfish #Nokia

What happens with books bought in a DRM-locked #eBook store and the store disappears? Your books will disappear as well. That's the fundamental problem of #DRM, for individuals but even more so for our cultural heritage.

"The time has come to make code free"... Another great music video by #SUSE, I really love their #music videos. They should publish all this great songs as a mp3/ogg collection or something similar somewhere! #FreeSoftware

I have to correct myself: Of 5311 instances queried, 1307 have an IPv6 DNS record.
Last time I overloaded my resolver with too much parallelism. But 1/4th is still a too tiny fraction!

Das Arbeitsamt gerade so: in der IT wird kein Mensch benötigt, da sich alles im Netz befindet und man es sich klicken kann, zum Beispiel bei T-Online. Dafür Genau deswegen ist Mittelmordor auch Mittelmordor.

The EU terrorism-propaganda regulation is even more threatening to small instances than upload filters are:
Website operators have to respond to takedown requests within 1 hour. That is just impossible for sites run by 1 person or run as a hobby!

Please talk to your MEPs, especially the ones from the ALDE group on this!

Here's the current draft:

Your OS already supports , your VPS very likely does as well and even the data centre infrastructure shouldn't be so ancient to not support v6 properly.

So unless you run your instance at home you better have a very good excuse.

The EFF warned that this would happen, and the W3C laughed them off. I'm still grumbling about EME.

I don't want self driving cars.

I want boring things like public transit that comes so regularly I don't need to check a schedule.

I want fast passenger rail so accessible and easy it's preferable to suffering airports.

I want cities that aren't built around cars-as-default.

"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

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