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@mlemweb Trying (and mostly failing) to participate in #APconf2020 from Aotearoa (NZ) has really brought home to me how prophetic Cory Doctorow was with the concept behind his novel Eastern Standard Tribe. Large movements often do in-person conferences per country (eg ) or per-region (eg Drupal South). Maybe for online-only conferences, we need separate conferences for major clusters of timezones?

Orr, why did I choose the algorithm fromthis really badly written paper back then when projecting ? /0\

So much handwaiving of things that turn out to be very impractical when implementing them in the real world.

present is a function that consumes a stream of future and outputs a stream of past

unfortunately most of us are stuck with the imperative implementation

Leute twittern ernsthaft, die Loesung gegen Klimawandel im naechsten Bundeshackathon finden zu wollen. Die langfristigen Auswirkungen dieser ganzen WVV-Nummer werden sich wohl erst noch erschliessen.

@mayel I just noticed that both of us want to take part in the BoF sessions on events and groups, and that these 2 sessions are conflicting.
Do we want to split that up? I suggest you go to the group one and, in case something relevant is mentioned there introduce that into the session on topic subscription, while I go to the one on events in case that is relevant for the Intermapping stuff.

@anneroth Du scheinst dich ja für Indymedia zu interessieren:
Falls du OpenMediaNetwork noch nicht kennst, gibt es einen Talk "Rebooting Indymedia" dazu auf der

@eest9 Kennst du eigentlich @forktogether und deren Ansätze, auch die Serversoftwareentwicklung demokratisiert zu gestalten?

@lain Pleroma nutzt als storage backend für work queues Postgres, kein Redis, oder?

There was a first corona case after our protest. Now our traceability concept is taking effect. All contacts of the affected person have already been informed. In order for this to continue to work well, we are dependent on your help and solidarity. 1/x

Na, seid ihr auch schon alle so gespannt auf die Diskussionen zu „Weihnachten im Kreis der Familie?“


We set up a 'hallway track' room for this conference where people can break away from the main schedule and have informal interactions (like you would in the hallway at an in-person conference.

If you want to create a breakout room for a more private conversation please feel free to ping me.

Auch nach dem 3. Oktober 1990 ist Deutschland keine SI-Einheit.

We've decided to open access to the Big Blue Button sessions up regardless of registration. To see a schedule, go to :

For each talk, the hyperlinked name links to the pre-recorded video of the talk, the 'live' button links to the BBB session for the Q&A, and the 'forum' button links to the SocialHub topic for that talk

Hi Folks,

Following a planning session today, the schedule for the BoF sessions is available on SocialHub now:

They will take place on Sunday from UTC 10:00 - 16:00

Oof, my brain is now well-done after several hours of Q&A 🔥

Wie übrigens Vogelseite darauf reagierte, nachdem sich massiv rechte Accounts auf meinen Tweet eingeschossen haben:

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Ich glaube: Es ist okay, sich über #TrumpHasCovid zu freuen. Durch diesen Mann sind so viele Menschen gestorben, erleiden unnötiges Leid, der Hass, die Gewalt eskalieren. Es ist okay, dass man kurz hofft, dass es vielleicht so aufhört.

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