Trolli Schmittlauch🦎

#Plasma 5.12 is out:

Apart from performance and stability improvements, new features include spring-loaded folder views, improved Wayland support, optional global menus, interactive notifications, and quite a few more.

@vinzv Hatte @tuxedocomputers nicht mal openSUSE als vorinstalliertes OS angeboten?

Wow, isn't this great?! Yesterday Matrix got $5M and today FSF got ~$1M in donations. I hope they spend this money wisely. They both totally deserve it :)

<- just copied some custom emojis from other instances
:nyancat_star: :nyancat_rainbow: :nyancat_rainbow: :nyancat_body: :nyancat_face:

#Mastodon v2.2.0 is out:

✅ Pretty templates for all e-mails
✅ Welcome e-mails
✅ Improved digest e-mails
✅ Fixed home timeline bugs for returning users
✅ Number of follow requests displayed in a badge
✅ And more!

I studied urban planning in San Francisco, and I just gotta say, the answer to our urban transportation problems is not self driving cars or 'ridesharing' taxis, all of those things are the way that established tech cos attempts to replace and commodify public services. The real answer is less car traffic, more (and more accessible) busses and trains, and shared public transport priority streets with bike and ped priority streets too. And affordable tickets + paid operators of vehicles.

In particular, consider donating to your fediverse server instance administrator! (Unless that fediverse server instance administrator is you, in which case go buy yourself a $PREFERRED_BEVERAGE as thanks!)

Oh wow, is finally online. No release downloads yet, I think I'll try the nightly.
#dino #omemo #xmpp

Remember, [::1] is shorter to type than #IPv6

friends don't let friends write Python 2 code in 2017

"Freitag* ab 1** macht jeder seins!"


Hyvää uutta vuotta/ Frohes neues Jahr von aus Helsinki!

If you or someone you know are a representative for a W3C member, consider voting for ActivityPub to become a recommendation!

Hey everyone, :gargamel: is sad because Mastodon's Happy Holidays GIF haven't reached anyone on birdsite.
So I have an idea. If you still have a birdsite account, why not reblog it as a Christmas present for :gargamel:? It'll help promoting Mastodon to new people, which is good.

„Stick to Your Guns and exam learning“ instead of „Netflix and chill“ 👌