ActivityPub - Final thoughts, one year later. -

Another long text, but don’t worry: it is likely my last article on #ActivityPub and #ActivityStreams in its current form. At this point, I don’t see the chance of productive progress in my area, so I decided to write this little piece as a reference post that I can link to when people ask questions.

@denschub Nevermind, I thought I had read everything to the end but didn't.

@schmittlauch :D I was about to reply with "I agree with you SO MUCH, that I actually added exactly what you said to my post!"


@denschub Sorry, scrollbar was at a different screen than the actual text /0\

@schmittlauch it's fine, it's quite a read.

good to hear we mostly agree. :)

@denschub well, I never really implemented a sepc, so who am I to judge on them? But your article suits everything I read, heard and discussed about fedi-standards of all forms.

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