ActivityPub - Final thoughts, one year later. -

Another long text, but don’t worry: it is likely my last article on #ActivityPub and #ActivityStreams in its current form. At this point, I don’t see the chance of productive progress in my area, so I decided to write this little piece as a reference post that I can link to when people ask questions.

@schmittlauch I have read them. They are very technical reads and I do absolutely not agree with the "this is fineeee" conclusion, but it's an important piece of text, and I just added a link to the latest of their posts to my post as well.

@kaniini @schmittlauch Yes, I got that. :) And while I respect your commitment of working in a burning house, ... why not put out the fire?

I guess that's what you planned with LitePub, but unfortunately, I didn't see any meaningful progress, and I really tried. I found JSON-LD/LDS discussions on some GitLab (IIRC), but that's not people agreeing that they are interested in having something like that in the first place.

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